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Thursday, February 19, 2015

Turning My Winter Blues Into Something Productive...

First of all, for those who do not know me, I HATE (see all the caps...) HATE Winter! I get extremely cold easily and it doesn't matter how many layers of clothes I put on, me and winter do not get along. My feet freeze regardless how many pairs of socks I wear, or how waterproof my boots are and it seems I spend more time trying to catch my breath than actually breathing.

However, I do love the beauty winter offers. I enjoy sunny days with a soft blanket of snow on the ground and how it layers perfectly on the evergreens and pines, as well as how it seems to float in the creek effortlessly, but.. I enjoy this by peering through my windows.

I don't enjoy sled riding, snowmobiles, and NO, I don't want to build a snowman...

With all that being said, I often times find myself daydreaming about spring and being able to walk around my yard barefoot, drinking my coffee and taking in the sunshine. I think about all the spring blooms just waiting for their chance to brighten my day and grab some of that warmth for themselves.

From the moment the first snow hits till the last frost of spring, I go through winter blues and by the end I have cabin fever so bad, my family can barely stand me. I get agitated, irritable and quite frankly I'm an all around bitch at times.

Over the years I have learned to harness the built up into different activities to keep me balanced mentally when I can not get outside and play in my gardens and work on other aspects of my yard.

About 5 years ago I started blogging. I spent most of winter blogging and doing product reviews, but I didn't even start my blog to be a product reviewer. I started it to be able to just write what I think and feel and just use it as an outlet for my frustrations or when I want to shout to the rooftops. It didn't happen that way and after a while it became more of a mundane task than a fun experience. Although I enjoyed the product reviews (and still do), it just didn't feel like the type of place to put other things I wanted to talk about and that is why I now have this blog as well. You will not see many product reviews on this site, unless it has to do with homesteading, prepping, gardening or something along the lines of that. They will be few and far between. I have a blog for that. This is not the one.

So while that kept me busy for a few years and helped with my  winter blues, it just wasn't enough. The excitement wears off and the cabin fever returns.

But now...

I have goals and wishes and wants and so many things I want to implement into our lives. I've previously talked about Homesteading and the whys. I've talked about becoming more self sufficient and the hows. I've talked about raising chickens and prepping our yard...

This winter I have spent every extra minute I have looking up different ways to implement lifestyle changes into our everyday. I even went as far as telling family and friends that the only thing I want for holiday gifts is seeds. That did not go over well with my mother and I told her other items that would help us with food preservation and storage. She knew I was trying to learn all I could about canning and got me a water bath canning system for Christmas. To say I was ecstatic would be an understatement.

I remember water canning pickles and tomatoes with my gram. I want to learn how to do it myself and I want my husband and children to learn with me. Whether they do it themselves when they move away will be up to them, but at least they will know how. All these things I remember doing with my grandparents when I was little I have hardly seen anything as an adult. My parents don't and my grandparents are at the age that they just don't or can't anymore.

I remember making breads and sweets with another one of my grams, and we have already planned a day for her to come to my house and have a bread making party. I want my daughter to learn as I learn and I have also invited my sister and niece to join us when we do. I want to take every advantage of learning the ways of food preservation and homemade cooking that I grew up enjoying as a child at my grandparents tables.

So this winter I have been spending a lot of time trying out new recipes, learning new techniques for the spring growing season, and even planning for a greenhouse or two. I am trying to get everything I need for spring, prepared and at the ready. I have plans of our yard all drawn out to scale. My husband was very helpful with that, other instructions and lists of tips and tools and ideas all written down and have started getting supplies ready so that when spring hits I can go full speed ahead. I plan to start indoor gardening here shortly which I know will help stave off some of these winter blues..

Do you experience winter blues or cabin fever? 
How do you deal with moments of weather related frustrations?

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

While fighting Marijuana laws kids are dying from Heroin... How does this make sense..

I have this burning fire of anger and rage inside me right now and I just need to vent.

While the world is fighting over and focusing on whether or not marijuana should be medically or even recreation-ally legal or decriminalized, the kids in the world are dying from heroin and K2.

Because so many people want this plant banned, they have taken their focus off REAL DRUGS. These deadly drugs are sneaking in under the radar, becoming increasingly available to our youth, but still the focus is on a plant.

How does this make sense???

Over Christmas vacation the topic of Marijuana reform came up a lot. There are many people in  my circle of family and friends that are dead set against Marijuana being legalized for any reason, and others who full heartedly  believe it should be just as legal as alcohol and of course the inbetweeners.. This is not new news and it certainly wasn't a shock to me at all. However...

The shock came when the older teens and younger adults joined conversations and repeatedly I heard about heroin here and heroin there and how easily accessible it is to all of them. Not one conversation, not two conversations but during FOUR different conversations with kids aged 14-19, I heard more stories about heroin than I had in my WHOLE LIFE!!

These were random comments such as "oh I know someone who just got in trouble for having it in school" WHAT!!! or "Yeah.. such and such says its easier to find than pot.." REALLY???

Yet we hear nothing about it. NOTHING!

So  of course being level headed (ok most times anyways) I go the route of well just cause they say it.. doesn't mean they actually do it or know that much about it. Kids hear stuff, add to it, etc etc. Most kids like to "feel" cool cause they know someone who did something or you know what I mean, but then two different moms says, yep. Big drug bust at the school, young girl OD's in the bathroom, letter got sent home, etc but NOTHING on the news.. Nope, not even a little tiny segment. This was one town away from me. Same school district, but not same school.

But you know what was on the news?? Whether or not the new governer set to take office later this month is going to pursue Marijuana reform and of course every side of why or why not it should happen, but not a single utter of the word heroin or kids or anything. Just pot. Just a plant. Like who cares if our kids are doing heroin and overdosing and dying, by god, we better make sure they don't smoke that plant...

ugh.. This is just stupid!

Rant over... (For now..)

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Not Your Mama's Gift Guide! ~ Unique Gifts by Theme ~ #Wicca #SteamPunk #420 #Novelty #Gadgets #HGG

Not Your Mama's Gift Guide!
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Novelty Food Gadgets
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What Unique Gifts Are You Looking For This Year?

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Random Ramblings ~ The #Fear of 3! ~ #Cancer #Suicide #Drugs

The Fear of 3
My family has this superstition that all things come in 3. Whether it's pregnancy, births or deaths, once you hear about the second, it never fails to create the big guessing game of who the third will be. Well this week, my fear of 3 has me on edge and in extreme anxiety.

Because I do have anxiety, I tend to feel others emotions as if they are mine. What I mean by this is, if I see a deep emotional cry I can feel it deep inside my soul. So this past week I have had quite the experience with this issue because I also had my own feelings I was dealing with as well.

Number one, a very dear old friend of mine has been watching her mother struggle with fighting Cancer for the past few years. They have had a couple wonderful breaks of remission, but it seems it never fails to return. This last time, it returned so fast and spread so quickly it made her unable to have any more surgery and she was sent home on hospice. She lost her battle to Cancer a few days later.

Number two, My mother has an adopted work son. He is younger than me and my siblings but she has worked with him since the first day they both walked in the doors. He has a wife and three year old daughter. He had no family and would come to our family functions. He actually spent more time with my mother that we did since they worked together 6 days a week. He was having personal problems and asked to leave work early, they later found out he went home and hung himself. Although I did not know him as well as my mother, I feel her pain for him. Plus it's my mom. When she is hurting it hurts us all. She lost one of her best friends.

So then, what will be, number three.. The fear is real, deep inside, I wonder, who will it be?

So I get a call from a relative that another relative has possibly overdosed. What?!? Is this it? Is this number 3? Please don't let this be..

The phone again, dread sets in. Gram's been taken to the hospital and they are admitting her for congestive heart failure.. My heart drops to my stomach. She's 81 years old. She is so tired and sick of fighting, but this can't be how she goes. This can't be "3"

Why I have a love hate relationship with Religion.. #Random #Ramblings

Before I even start, I am fully aware that there will be many people from every spectrum that will completely disagree with everything I say. I am okay with that. I don't change my views based on anther's opinion of my views and I never will. I could and have changed it based on facts given to me or a different perspective. However, with that being said, I am in my mid 30's and there isn't much anyone can say to me anymore to change my views. Although my thoughts on issues change sometimes on a daily basis, my moral core to all issues, stays grounded and sound!

How I view religion.

I believe the bible is one of the longest living legends known to man. A book that has been changed and modified numerous times by many different people from many different backgrounds and lifestyles. One persons interpretation of another persons interpretation of another persons interpretations of... etc etc of the original person's view.

Let's go back to grade school where were all sitting in a circle and one person wispers a word to the next and on down the line it goes, by the time it gets to the last person, the word is not even close to the original. Those are usually one word or phrase. The bible is thousands of words and phrases. Let that sink in.

But there are people who use the bible as a tool to help them in their life when they are facing hard decisions and struggles, use it as a sign of hope and strength when facing tragedy, use it for happiness and faith when conquering new goals and obstacles. These are all great attributes to take away, as a "tool" a guide. Meaning don't take it all to heart. Take the knowledge and stories and really understand the outcomes. Sometimes it's not always good. Some things are better left alone.

The whole world has changed over the many many years since the biblical creation of life. The way pioneers and our ancestors did things compared to the way they are done today, from giving birth, medical treatment, technology, pretty much every aspect of a person life and lifestyles has changed and evolved in one way or another. We have learned as a people that somethings just do not work while others can never be improved.

So I don't understand how someone can look at the bible as "gospel" and in there own eyes live and breath it. But not really. Some of these people are complete hypocrites. Actually I believe most "religious" people are. (See I told you I'd make some mad)

Picking and choosing what you want to follow and or not follow is not really living and breathing the bible. It's no different than someone who claims to be atheist or agnostic. (I don't claim to be anything, there is no label for me and never will be)

WHAT?!?! A christian and atheist are the same thing?!? Yep, that's kind of what I said.

Now what I mean is, both live ways of the bible in the sense of do unto others, etc. Both can live completely same exact lifestyles and disagree on one thing. Creation. Both follow and disregard the way the bible says you should live. For instance, in the bible some men had many wives. Most people in society do not live that way. Even those who "live and breath" the "holy word" (But then again, there are other groups of people who do believe full heartedly in this part of the bible and have even chosen to make whole religions around certain aspects of the bible and totally ignore the other aspects)

So who am I to say any religion is right or wrong? Nobody. But it does make me question it more.

Many different versions of many different religions. So how is religion any different than a cult? Are they both not a group of people who come and join together based on their beliefs and moral core? Do they both not have "leaders"? Do they both not have set goals, views, consequences? Do people not choose which church or worship center to go to based on the people and ideas there? People congregate with people who agree with them and their views.

Now I did title this why I have a love hate relationship with religion and so far I have mostly written some of the reasons I hate it. But, I do honestly have a small love and admiration for religion, as well as a jealous sort of respect for it. (don't try to understand me, I don't lol)

I am just going to come out and say I do not believe there is a "God" I never have and never will. That is a whole other topic of discussion and maybe one day I will write it. But, just to give you an idea of where my head is with that, I also do not believe in the "big bang theory" I believe nobody alive today will ever know how "what is" became "what is" Scientist are as big of hypocrites as religious leaders. You can't say you don't believe a "God" created something out of nothing, but you believe a burst, of scientific something or other, can make something out of nothing.. Um.. Okay?

What I love about religion is the way it helps some people have faith and strength when faced with negativity. The peace that comes over people from a simple prayer,being able to live in calm "knowing" your going to "heaven" because you lived some kind of way. FAITH.

People who have faith awe me. I have faith in nothing. I wish I did or I could. I wish I was able to believe that just by living a morally sound life I could go to a "heaven" But my head does not work that way.

How do you know there is a heaven? What exactly is it? Why would I want to go to this "heaven" ran by this "God" who inspired this "Book" full of things I don't believe. Why would I want to go there? Well because the alternative is "Hell" Well what is "Hell"? Oh it's the place people go who don't believe in religion. It's for murderers, thieves, etc etc You know the bad people.

Okay wait.. So I'm confused. If I believe in "God" I go to heaven? If I don't, I go to "Hell" BUT!! If' I believe in God but murder someone then I'm going to "Hell"? Well no, because you believe in him, he'll still let you in to "heaven",  you just have to say your sorry. Oh. Well I don't believe in "God" But, I've never done nothing wrong in my whole life, and never murdered anyone. Oh well, to "Hell" you go! Guess you should have "believed" and had FAITH!!

So there you have it. I'm going to "Hell" But I'm okay with that. Why?

Because I don't believe "Hell" really exist. But even if I did, I'd rather go to a place full of people who made up their own mind instead of idly following someone else. Because if such a place exist, then "God" must have the biggest ego for expecting people to follow his every word. What a jerk. You can have your own opinion and make your own choices but if you disagree then you must repent and ask forgiveness to be allowed access into my kingdom. Wow.  (Ooops I went back on the hate side...)

See where my head goes. I questions everything. I can't have faith in something I don't know, see, hear, feel, witness, etc etc. My brain doesn't work that way. Someone once asked me, "You have faith the sun will come up tomorrow right? What's the difference?" A LOT! I have seen the sun rise and fall for 30+ years, I have been a witness to it more than once.

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Random Ramblings ~ ISIS Manipulates Thoughts Without You Knowing! Psychological Warfare..

ISIS plays on America's heart strings. Trying to cause chaos and distrust in our Country and with our government. It makes it hard to understand why the government and military take the actions they do or why they don't take the actions we think they should.

Americans full of pride and ready to fight. Defending our nation against those who threaten our civilization and ways of life. It's not a secret that America is land of the free and home of the brave.

ISIS knows we will want to fight back. Knows it will anger some and awaken resentments and pull those evil thoughts through from a few.

They are fighting a mental war with devastation, torture and fear, while the military is fighting a physical battle against them.

Don't let ISIS win.

They get in your head and manipulate your thoughts by showing you people who in your head look just like you, could be your neighbor, friend, family... It causes hate, resentment and fear to your very core. But what do you do with that aggression building up inside of you?

You can't take it out on ISIS because they are not here, they know that and what they are hoping in their psychological warfare is that you will become so consumed by your hatred for them and their actions that you will blame the only obvious person you can at the moment.

Your own government.

Why? Well because it is their duty to protect us and shelter us from these militants. They're right there. In the middle of a field. Fly over, drop a bomb and kill them!! What are you waiting for?

Am I right?

But... When they are not bombing, were mad because they're not doing anything. When they are bombing were mad because they could have injured an innocent bystander. Again psychological warfare.

Don't give them the satisfaction of getting into your head. The journalist who travel over there know they are putting their life at risk, as do the activist and aid workers. I am  not saying it's their fault they are being kidnapped and beheaded, just that they were aware of the dangers and still chose of their own free will to go anyways.

While their torture and death is repulsing to us and the anger, hatred and fear we all feel for them and about them is completely justified and appropriate, don't let it take you so far down into the abyss that you can't find your way back to the surface.

It's not the governments fault. It's not the military's fault. It's jihad John and his cowardly sheeple who are committing these crimes. It is not Islam. It is not Muslims. It is the coward who covers his face, jihad John and his cowardly sheeples behind the video camera who are to blame!

Let me put this the best way I can...

These are extremely intelligent, socially knowledgeable, radical thinkers who have an ability to manipulate your thoughts which in essence affects your actions. The more you throw blame at everyone else the less you are looking at them. They know this and hope you never figure it out.

Don't let them deflect their part in these crimes while your busy blaming everyone else.

They're just people.
People with irrational thoughts.
Cowards who won't even show their face!

Don't let them in your head!

Saturday, October 4, 2014

When your faced with a #dilemma of moral and personal ramifications? #Ebola

So your standing there watching a woman die right before your eyes, after being denied access to a hospital not once or twice but multiple times. There are no beds. There is no hope.

You know your odds are not good. Your faced with a dilemma of moral and personal ramifications.

If you stay, where half of everyone sick is dying, the odds are stacked against you. Resources are being exhausted on a daily basis. The waiting to find out if your sick or not could play horrible tricks on your mind and soul.

But if you leave you have the moral dilemma of possibly transmitting a horribly deadly disease across the ocean into innocent clean land. While morally it may not be the right thing to do your odds of surviving are greatly increased. And the bottom line is you don't even know if your sick..

The people on the news say your not contagious cause you have no signs or symptoms of sickness.

It's now or never. Go before/if you get sick and increase your odds or do the morally correct thing stay find out you have been infected then wait around to die.

I don't know about you.. but I'm getting on a plane and taking my chances of increasing my odds. The only other alternative is death.

Friday, October 3, 2014

What if Ebola hits your town or community?


Ebola is becoming an everyday topic within my circle of friends and family. The general consensus seems to be that there hasn't been enough information given freely.

I realize the health professionals are trying to figure out all the details and sort through the constant on pouring of facts and fiction, as well as set up a process to help keep this disease at bay. I realize it's probably just as (if not more so) stressful for them as the rest of us watching from the outside.

BUT... they didn't start out very open with details. I personally feel if they would have come out and said. The flight #, name of schools and businesses etc that the first patient had visited or may have left forms of contamination, there may not have been an onslaught of angry citizens and reporters demanding answers. Perhaps more patient confidentiality could have been awarded. They didn't want to cause mass hysteria, but ironically, are close to doing just that.

It seems to me that people just want the truth. Good, bad or indifferent, the truth is always the best route. It's hard to watch the news channels and see different professionals come on and argue, disagree, correct one another and figure out what's what. What is an average citizen to do when all the information seems like a bunch of jumbled up facts mixed in with propaganda and fear mongering. And for anyone who says there is no fear mongering, your out of your mind. Every time they talk about isolation or an extreme outbreak, there happens to be commercials for prepper sites, food storage, etc etc Every time!

While I don't really get why they have to make everything seem so drastic, I do like to know what's going on and the news although sometimes blatantly throwing things out of proportion on occasion, they are at least (or seem to me) more open and honest than the Medical Professionals and Government agencies in charge of this particular outbreak. For that I thank them. But how do you prepare for something most don't even understand?

It's times like this that we need to take control of our own personal safety.
Do you and your family have a plan in place if Ebola hits your town?

The very first thing people need to do in order to prepare for a city wide pandemic is get educated! Research Ebola and learn exactly what it is. How it is transmitted, the signs, symptoms, images, stories, etc. Don't rely on one site to give you all the information you need. Research means you utilize many tools to find information and gain knowledge. Keep common sense in mind, if it doesn't sound right, ask questions, research some more. Do this until you have a great understanding of what this disease is and how it can effect you and your family. Without having this knowledge you will not completely understand the possible severity of such an event. Without that knowledge you will not be completely open to doing certain things you need to do. Such as isolation.

If you found out you had been in contact with someone who had Ebola, how would you react? Would you be able to abide by the 21 day isolation period. What if you were alone, no family or friends? I personally would have an extremely hard time with this. Especially if I couldn't be with my children. Although, if there were a chance I could have contracted a horrible, deadly disease, you bet I'd make sure my kids weren't anywhere near me in anyway shape or form. BUT.... If it were my child who had to be isolated and me not with them... Oh I can't even think about that..

Here are a few things I have been thinking about. Some seem like common sense, but, when your not used to doing something on a daily basis and it's not a part of your normal routine, you can tend to forget or ignore important details.

~ Time to postpone overseas trips. The last place I would want to be is in an airport where people are coming and going from so many different places. Especially if it was in your town already. Not happening.

~ Maintain a cautious awareness when in a public area. Look for signs of sickness. Don't shake people hands. It's not rude when your trying to keep yourself and your family safe!

~ Keep Hand Sanitizer on hand at all times. The little ones fit in your pocket!

~ Avoid crowded areas with close contact flow of traffic. If you must go to a store don't use a cart, or keep anti bacterial wipes on hand, wear gloves.

~ Avoid high contact machines such as ATM's, vending machines, water fountains etc etc.. especially in hospitals and doctors offices. People are there because they are not feeling well, take that into consideration when determining where and when to go.

~ Handle health issues at the first signs of illness.

~ Keep stocked up on staples and other necessary medical supplies in case of an isolation. Most likely it would not be a complete city on lock down, but don't assume there will be someone to bring you food and other needed supplies.

The most important tip as I said above is get educated, the next or maybe tied for first is don't panic. Proper sanitation, grooming, cautious awareness and common sense can go a long way. Don't be ignorant of the situations in the world. Stay up to date with current events so you'll know when and if you need to act.

~ my two cents of the day ~