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Friday, September 12, 2014

Utopia ~ What I would have done differently... @utopiatvusa @FOXTV


As I was sitting here watching the show Utopia, last night being the second episode, I am already completely in love with this show. I already have favorites and those I dislike and I have honestly changed them more than once! lol

Have you ever felt dissatisfied with the society you're living in?
Do you have what it takes to create a better one?

During this episode (2) they have finally gotten the electric hooked up and are able to use the phones to contact the outside world and order supplies and food. Of course there is a conflict on how the money is being spent and a couple of guys take it upon themselves to take what they believe to be "their fair share" or % of cash. The other Utopians pretty much let this slide with annoyance and very little conflict. I personally feel it was a selfish move and would consider it a personal isolation from the group. 
As I sat there watching I couldn't help but think, how would I have handled it, (or at least try to handle it). Well so far the one thing I do agree with is allowing the chef to create a menu and purchase the food based on how well he can stretch their dollar, since he would have experience in this department. They also needed to purchase a refrigerator which they all agreed upon, as well as any furnishings and supplies they would need.

They were told they would have $5000 dollars for the whole group and once that money was gone they were on their own to either sell, barter etc to make their UTOPIA sustainable. The one thing I have noticed it how they do not look to the future at all. Most of the decisions they are making are based on the here and now, including food, waste, water etc. The very first thing I would have done with the money would have been to split it up into 12 equal piles. One for each month of the year. The next thing I would have done is figured out the price of the refrigerator and other common use products. Meaning items that the whole group will use and benefit from. Stove, water heater, filter etc etc. I would add up the price of all and divide by 12. I would take that amount out of each months amount. 
For example:
$5000 / 12 months = $416 (per month)

Common Goods (I have no idea what they actually ordered, this is just an example)
Fridge = $400 
Cooking Utensils? and Other Supplies = $500
Other = $300
Total = 1200 (nice round number lol)

1200 / 12 (months) = 100

I would take $100 from each of the 12 original piles and purchase the common goods and supplies. 

That now leaves $316 per month. There are 14 members (soon to be 15), BUT!!! They were also told that monthly one person would leave and a new person would be integrated into the group. So there for I believe EACH month's money should be separated after each integration and change instead of right up front. There was $5000 to be used for the whole year, therefore it should be split equally the whole year, with EVERYONE who comes now and in the future. 

So since this is the first month and there are 14 residents, it should be spit up between them.
$316 / 14 = $22.57 per person, per month. That's about $5 a week for food.   

Doesn't seem like much now that I broke it down, but this is where they would have to think about sustainability. It would give them a clearer understanding of what they are going to be facing and perhaps they wouldn't be so hard on the eccentric prepper lady Bella. Although she is a bit much to watch at times, it's completely obvious to me as well as her own statement that she is completely 100% passionate about self sufficiency and could be a great asset to the group if they would let her talk..

FOX’s new unscripted social experiment series “UTOPIA” is searching for candidates to build a whole new world -- just the way they want it!

“UTOPIA” follows 15 inhabitants as they leave their everyday lives to move to an isolated and undeveloped location, for up to an entire year, where they'll create their own world. The series offers imaginative people from across America the chance to be part of a groundbreaking social experiment, the pioneers will make every decision about how they will live, work, and what the rules and laws of “UTOPIA” will be.

Casting is searching for candidates who are passionate, great at what they do, and also have the problem-solving skills needed for starting up a new society. If you think you have what is takes to create Utopia, then Apply!
Want to be a Utopian?
Apply Here => 

Have you been watching?
Is there anything you would do differently?

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Random Ramblings! ~ Are we being told the truth? ~ #ISIS #ISIL #IS

Random Ramblings
Are We Being Told The Truth?

It is what it is, Except when it isn't and
Your an idiot if you think I believe what did, didn't!
I have heard many debates over the years about the US Government and cover ups and control over our media. With the recent events happening in Ferguson and the Micheal Brown shooting, I have been glued to the news and top stories. During this time, the US is also having conflict overseas with a group of Islamic Terrorist who seem to change their name every couple days. First they were being called ISIS then ISIL, now they have shortened it to IS meaning Islamic State.

Before I go any further, I am going to add a little disclaimer here. I am an average American, trying to piece together all the information and news I have been fed by our media. This post is completely my opinion and interpretations of what I have heard and seen with my own eyes and ears in the media. Now with that being said, remember the title of this post is "Random Ramblings" on one little piece of the world issues.

Back to my post. Last night I got into a discussion with a friend of mine over the media and how much we as American actually know, about what is going on in the world around us. How much information are we actually being told. To me it feels overwhelming and yet inconsistent at the same time. Like there's to much information being given, while at the same time, no where near the truth.

Without going into all the details of what is happening around the world, mainly because I only believe half of what I hear and see, and partly because it's up to us as Americans to know what is going on in our country, I can't help but wonder why? Why is this information not on regular news channels and when it is, it's such a short little blurb.

I realize the US government does not want to alarm Americans for fear of a chaotic response, riots or vigilante acts due to fear of impending doom, however don't we have a right to know its there. I mean come on! I realize Obama doesn't feel ISIS, ISIL, IS or whatever they are being called today is an immediate threat to the US, but just because you feel that way doesn't make it truth or gospel. It's your opinion. An opinion, I feel is based on ego. The terrorist are on the offensive, striking at us with action and death, the US government responds with threats and surveillance. Ummm.... really... If you do this.. we'll do this.. Another threat. The terrorist act...  hmm obviously not scared yet... We'll get you this time, now were not only doing all of these above, were also going to.....

WHAT Obama? What are we going to do?
Oh.. That's right
"We Don't Have A Strategy Yet"

We as Americans deserve to be told the truth. Not your opinion. If our land is being threatened, we have a right to know. Not be told its not an issue. We deserve the chance to change what may need changed, learn what needs to be learned and more importantly have the right to prepare for impending doom if that were to happen. Yet, the media and government would like us to believe these extremely experienced, well funded terrorist are not a threat to us on our land.


You can't even keep our borders closed from people who come here with nothing but the clothes on their backs, how in the hell do you expect anyone to believe you can stop people who are recruiting an army of men, woman and children from every country on a daily basis, have more financial funding than any terrorist group we've come across.. on a side note, just to give you an example, ISIS is worth billions of dollars, while the terrorist who were able to enter our country and cause as much devastation as they did on 9/11, did  NOT EVEN have a 4th of the funding or weaponry that the Islamic State has shown they have, let alone what they claim they have. People who will look you in the eyes while they slit your throat and not even wince as your blood squirts across their face and drips down their hands.


In this video below titled "James O’Keefe as Osama Bin Laden crosses border from Mexico to US" he shows just how UNPROTECTED our borders are.

Then in this next video titled "Osama Crossing The Border' Stunt Flops" pretty much scoffing at the idea. Saying anyone could make a fake video, could have gotten permission, filmed a place that nobody as ever crossed, etc etc.

What's Your Opinion? Do You Feel Safe?

Honestly I go back and forth with my opinions and feelings on this topic on a daily sometimes hourly basis. But to answer the questions I mentioned above... No, I do not feel our borders are safe. If they did get permission, well that alone is an unsafe practice. Why would you let someone make a video of how easy it is or is not to get across the border.? Why? Second, if they did choose a spot that no other immigrant has EVER tried to cross, I say GOOD! Those would be the same area I would test too! If I was a terrorist trying to cross the border into a country where I don't want to be seen or spotted, of course I'm going to try and find a spot of least worry. Even the big news channels were making fun of this video, explaining it away. This is a serious issue, not because of immigrants trying to come to our country, but because of extremely smart, determined men full of anger and hate who want to come terrorize and take over America...

Seriously Disgusted...

Anyways, this is just a teeny tiny segment of this situation, and it got me thinking.. What would we do? We as in my children, husband and I. Not to mention my parents, siblings, nieces and nephews. How to hell would my gram be able to protect herself if some deranged lunatics started shooting up her town and community. It's a scary thought. We have a fire emergency plan and even a plan if a robber were to show up at our home, but an army of deranged blood thirsty militants. NOTHING.

Just like Obama, we don't have a strategy

How about you? Let that sink in just for a moment. Not to mention how many different strategies you would need. Middle of the night, day time while at work or your kids are at school, middle of grocery shopping. Do you have a plan? Do your kids know where to go if something like this were to happen? What about a back up plan. Do they know who to ask for help. Do you trust the people you leave your children with to protect them when you can't? It's overwhelming. It's paranoia, It's impossible and will not happen to me, us, my family.

Thoughts of devastation and doom are to much for people to absorb. They don't have time to think about the what ifs. They have to get dinner done, drive to soccer practice, pay bills etc etc the lists are long and extensive. The ideas and thoughts of all of this is to far from reality.

But is it?
Or is that what we're being fed by mainstream media??

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Baby #Robin Eggs Hatched ~ #Tragedy Follows...

Baby Robin Eggs & Hatchlings
~ Part 2 ~ 

Well just as I expected, the baby Robins hatched and then disappeared. I have a feeling the Starlings heard the new babies and in less than 6 hours they were gone. All that was left in the nest was one little pretty solitary blue Robin egg. Plenty of family members told me I need to eliminate the Starling hatchlings so this doesn't continue. I can not do that. One I feel it's interfering in the natural ways of life and the life cycle of the birds, and the other reason is, they are babies too. They may grow up to be complete A-holes, but when I look at them now, although kind of ugly, they are cute little baby birds, innocent of their parents actions.

The picture above is after two of the Robin babies hatched. About 5 hours later, my husband went to check on them to see if anymore hatched, but what we saw was a single solitary egg left in the nest. It was so disappointing I forgot to even take a pic. The next day, we checked on the nest to see if the last egg was still there, had hatched or if it had also met it's doom. We saw a little tiny baby Robin, just barely hatched with a tiny piece of the shell still on it's little body.

We continued to check on it every couple hours and into the next day. Mama came and went, and there seemed to be no issues. Why or how this little one managed to be able to stay safe for so long we don't know. However, unfortunately, this morning we took a peek to see how all was going and we found an empty nest.

The Starling babies however are thriving very well and a couple have even ventured from their nest...

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

A Walk Through My Yard ~ #Spring in Bloom!

Spring in Bloom
~ May 2014 ~

I just wanted to share a few of my favorite pics from the walks around my yard the last couple weeks. I am constantly taking pics of my flowers budding and blooming, but I always forget to post them.. So here are a few and I hope you enjoy!!


Friday, May 9, 2014

New Nest of Beautiful Blue Robin Eggs in Pine Tree!! ~ #Spring #Robin #Eggs

Robin Eggs
~ Picture Taken May 8th 2014 ~

Last year I found a nest of Robin Eggs and was taking weekly and sometimes daily pictures of their growth process from egg to hatchling and was hoping to watch them until they spread their wings and flew away.

It seemed fine and mama never seemed to upset with me. But one weekend we went away for 5 days and when I came back the nest had been attacked. We still are not sure how or what, but our suspicions are either raccoon or these Starlings we have. They are like black birds with deep dark shiny blue necks.

Well yesterday while mowing my husband was going past the pine tree beside our driveway and he said it sounded like the whole tree was alive with all the chirping. Upon further inspection he realized there was a nest of Starling hatchlings. But... then as he walked around the tree to see if there were more, he came across a nest of Robin Eggs. He took a picture to show me, in case I wanted to photograph their process like I did last year. Of course I want too!! However I have another concern...

My other concern is that they are sharing a tree with the Starling hatchlings. Starlings are mean to the Robins. They chase them out and away from my feeders. To the point that I usually shoo the Starlings whenever I see them because it makes me mad that they are bullies! I am terrified that once the Robin babies hatch, the Starlings will harm them. I know I can't move the Robin nest, although I wish I could, and the Starlings I would never even attempt, they were so agitated by my husband taking a pic of the Robin Eggs, that one, then two then before we knew it, five Starlings started diving towards him and squawking and making a huge raucous over him being near their babies.

I don't think I am going to have to much luck photographing these babies or eggs, but at least I can share this pic with you for now. Enjoy.. I will keep you all updated on the babies!!

Saturday, February 8, 2014

I had a thought... #Random #Ramblings

I had a thought...

So many things going on these days, that sometimes I can't seem to think straight or focus. As I was sitting here today, I had a thought, I can't remember. It was such a weird moment. It's like I thought it, felt it, seen it, then it disappeared and I can't remember it at all.

But... It made me feel some kind of way, I can't explain. It's like I had this sense of urgency, calm, chaos, tranquility all at the same time. Extremely intense feeling of fight or surrender.

But why? For what? For or from whom?? 

Just another one of those random rambling of chaotic confusion that runs through my head on daily basis. This is my anxiety! The fear of the unknown, the fear of the known.

I had a thought, I can't remember..
It made me feel some kind of way
I can't explain, or surrender...

Monday, June 3, 2013

June is National Fresh Fruit and Veggies Month!!

National Fresh Fruit and Vegetables Month

I didn't even know there was such a thing. But since I have just recently put in my small veggie garden I figured I would show some pics!!

I have Cauliflower, Broccoli, Cyenne Peppers, Green Bell Peppers, Tomatoes, Cherry Tomatoes, Yellow Tomatoes, Zucchini....

I got a great deal on the potting and planting soils. One of my local stores had a cart full of different name brand, sizes and kinds of soils in a cart marked 50% off the sale prices due to either rips or tears in the bags. I ended up with over 200lbs of different soils for under $20!! However that still wasn't enough.

We headed out to our local hardware/garden supply store to see what sales they had going. They had some great sales, but we noticed off to the side there were pallets of other soils with no price. We decided we would check on that before making our purchase. Good thing, apparently because they were last years left over stock they had been reduced tremendously if you purchased a larger quantity. (20) Twenty Pound bags for $15!! (400lbs) It ended up equaling 75 cents a bag for potting soil. I mean really is there that much of a difference from last years dirt to this years dirt??

The first thing we did, was take all the different soils and mix them as best we could in a huge bucket I use for yard work and clean up.

My husband then built a make shift raised garden bed from left over boards we had from pallets we got for free, from a shop that was closing, for us to put the soils in. Our ground is very gravely and it makes it hard for planting a garden. By creating a raised bed we were able to loosen up the dirt under the raised bed, then added all the top soils, planting soils and potting soils together to create a great atmosphere for our plants to thrive!

We are new to garden planting because we have never had any luck in past years and never seemed to have the time or energy to build raised beds. This year I decided I was going to make the time and see how it goes. We started very simple and cheap to see if we can make this work.

If all goes well and were able to actually produce some fruits from our labor, next year we plan to build bigger and better.

Wish Us Luck!!

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Robin Hatchlings ~ 8 Days Old ~ Last Photo

Robin Babies 8 Days Old

I took this  pic Friday afternoon
~ 5/24/2013 ~

Saturday Morning I took pictures of them at 9 days old but they all turned out a little blurry. Was a cold morning right before we left for camp, since I knew I wouldn't be here Sunday at all and didn't know what time Monday I would be home.

We got home Monday around 3 in the afternoon and the very first thing I did before even unloading our junk, was go check on the babies.

The nest had been attacked and was empty. I found one of the babies on the ground. The others were no were to be seen. We are thinking either a stray cat may have found them or maybe a raccoon.

Very sad day...