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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Birds Gone Crazy!!!

Oriole and Cardinal
What are they thinking?

Last week I had an Oriole trying to get in my house. She kept smacking into the window, and pecking at the screen. When I would walk near it, she flew away. Thinking she was done, I sat back in my chair and a few minutes later I hear this tapping sound.. I immediately look at the same window, but nothing was there.

I attempted to ignore it but it got louder, as I look across the living room, there is that Oriole again, at my front window... She did this for 4 days straight, trying to get in through the window and climbing up my screens. I still have no idea what she wanted. 
Oriole trying to get in my window..
I believe that is mama Robin in back...

This week as my kids and I were watching T.V. in the early evening hours, I had our front door open to let in the cool breeze. I saw something moving from the corner of my eye and there sitting right in the doorway of our home was a male Cardinal. It shocked me and I jumped, scaring the little guy away before I could get the words out for my kids to look. 
The next morning my husband is yelling for me to come look at something.. I run out to the livingroom to see what the fuss is about and there is a male Cardinal sitting on our porch inches from the door again. I immediately closed the front door, as he has already proved he is not afraid to come inside, even if it was only 5 inches. 

Well apparently I underestimated the little guy, because the 3rd day my  husband doesn't yell for me, he comes and gets me, and tells me to walk slowly to the kitchen he wants to show me something..

This is what I saw...

Cardinal in my kitchen window....
 Mr. Cardinal  had come in through the front door and was trying to go out the kitchen window. We pushed the screen out from the inside and my husband gave him a little nudge to go out the back window. 

I have no idea what the fascination is with our home, but apparently the birds think there's something...



  1. Oh wow . we have a cardinal that keeps fighting with its self in the windows of our garage. Crazy birds but so pretty

  2. I love birds! I wish I had cool birds like that where I live...I wouldn't want it in my house though. (lol). I would love to just watch them though.

  3. I am sensing a bird themse here. Cue the music. lol <3

  4. I love oriole, they are very pretty!

  5. How cool! I miss seeing birds like that, I saw them a lot back east.

  6. We have those cardinal flying by our house too, they are quite noisy but good to the ears...that is pinkish colors our were like reddish kind of .